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Mawson, Thomas Hayton (1861–1933)

The self-trained English landscape architect and town planner Thomas Hayton Mawson became one of the most successful designers of the first decades of the twentieth…

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Migge, Leberecht (1881–1935)

Leberecht Migge was a German landscape architect and writer. During his early career he collaborated with architects Hermann Muthesius and Henry van de Velde. Considered…

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Telles, Gonçalo Ribeiro (1922–)

Gonçalo Ribeiro Telles (1922–), landscape architect and politician, was born in Lisbon, Portugal. In 1942 he attended the Instituto Superior de Agronomia da Universidade Técnica…

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Inclán, Pedro Martínez (1883–1957)

The urban development of modern Havana and the emergence of a planning discourse in Cuba owes much of its existence to the efforts of architect,…

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Modernism in Latin America

In Latin American intellectual history, modernism is a term that can be usefully and accurately applied to at least two distinct intellectual movements: a clearly…

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Costa, Lúcio (1902–1998)

Brazilian architect Lúcio Marçal Ferreira Ribeiro Lima Costa was a founding father and one the main exponents of Brazilian modern architecture. After passing his childhood…

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García Pardo, Luis (1910–2006)

The Uruguayan architect Luis García Pardo studied architecture in the School of Architecture of the Universidad de la República, where he graduated in 1941. He…

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Halprin, Anna (Schuman) (1920--)

A dancer, choreographer, community leader, and educator, Anna Halprin helped to pioneer what she called “experimental dance” in the 1960s. After training with the modern…

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Lissitzky, El (1890–1941)

The Soviet artist, photographer, designer, and architect Lazar Markovich (Mordukhaevich) Lissitzky grew up in a Jewish family in Smolensk in western Russia. In 1909 Lissitzky…

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James, Henry (1843–1916)

One of the major literary figures of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, Henry James was one of the foremost English-language practitioners of literary…