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Rietveld, Gerrit Thomas (1888-1964)

Gerrit Rietveld was a Dutch furniture designer and architect associated with the avant-garde movement known as De Stijl (The Style). Influenced by the abstract paintings…

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Cubism is an influential modernist art movement that emerged in Paris during the first decade of the twentieth century. The term was established by Parisian…

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Reich, Lilly (1885–1947)

Lilly Reich was a German-born designer who created interiors, displays, and exhibitions in the early to mid-20th century. She was active in the Deutscher Werkbund…

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Le Corbusier (1887–1965)

Le Corbusier was a Swiss architect and urbanist who acquired French nationality in 1930, having set up his studio (“the atelier for patient research”) in…

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Saarinen, Eero (1910--1961)

Eero Saarinen was the son of influential Finnish architect Eliel Saarinen and followed his father into the architectural profession. In his own right, he pioneered…

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Beier, Georgina (1938--)

Georgina Beier, née Betts, was born in London in 1938. At age sixteen she enrolled in the Kingston Art School; however, she dropped out after…

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Pritchard, John Craven (Jack) (1899–1992)

Jack Pritchard was a British furniture manufacturer and design patron who co-founded the Isokon design company in 1931. Under his leadership, Isokon developed mass-produced, standardized…

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VKhUTEMAS was a school of arts and architecture in Moscow between 1920 and 1927. Similar ‘‘art and technical studios’’ existed in other Soviet cities. VKhUTEMAS…

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Makerere Art School

The Makerere Art School started informally in Mulago, Kampala, Uganda, in 1937, with a handful of students who turned up one evening at the porch…

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Nwoko, Demas (1935--)

Across the spectrum of fine art and design, Demas Nwanna Nwoko has made his mark as a central contributor to a neo-traditionalist philosophy at the…

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Lissitzky, El (1890–1941)

The Soviet artist, photographer, designer, and architect Lazar Markovich (Mordukhaevich) Lissitzky grew up in a Jewish family in Smolensk in western Russia. In 1909 Lissitzky…