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Academic Realism, Korean

Academic Realism refers to the mainstream style of Western painting from the Japanese colonial era (1910–45), as exemplified by works shown at the Joseon Art…

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Roy, Jamini (1887–1972)

Jamini Roy is considered one of the most important modern artists of pre-independent India. While proficient in Western academic realism, he completely rejected the style…

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Varma, Raja Ravi (1848–1906)

Raja Ravi Varma transformed the way Indian gods and goddesses were pictured, and he did so with oil painting—a new import in 19th-century India. By…

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Verma, Nirmal (1929–2005)

Nirmal Verma was among the most prominent and distinguished Hindi novelists, essayists, and short story writers of the second half of the 20th century. Though…

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Performance Art in China

Performance art events began in China in the 1980s following Deng Xioping’s post-Mao economic reforms in 1979, which exposed Chinese socialist society to foreign investments…

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White Savages Group

The White Savages Group (Baek-man Heo) was founded in 1930 when Kim Yong-jun (1904–1967) published his manifesto “Upon Founding the White Savages Group” in a…

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Eight, The

Known in Czech as Osma and in German as Die Acht, the Eight was an artistic association at the forefront of the modern movement in…

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The Madras Art Movement (1960s–1980s)

The Madras Art movement was a regional modern art movement that emerged in the 1960s at Madras [Chennai], South India. Post Independence [1947], Indian artists…

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The 1914 Generation Artists

The artists historiographically grouped as the 1914 Generation transformed the Westernizing artistic impulse of the late Ottoman era into the modernizing impulse of the Republic…

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Klimt, Gustav (1862–1918)

Gustav Klimt had an indelible influence on the artistic and cultural innovations that occurred in Vienna at the turn of the century. He was a…