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Atatürk, Mustafa Kemal (1881–1938)

A military officer in the Ottoman army, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was the leader of the Turkish national resistance movement and the founder and first president…

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Modernism in the Middle East and Arab World

Exploring modernity and its intellectual trends in the Middle East is a very fitting endeavour, as ‘Middle East’ itself is a ‘modern’ term which has…

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Rasim, Mihri (1885–1954)

Mihri Rasim was an Ottoman-Turkish portrait painter and educator. Born in 1885 in Istanbul under the Ottoman Empire, she came from the Ottoman imperial elite.…

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D Group

The D Group was a loose association of painters and sculptors who exhibited regularly together between 1933 and 1947. The group took its name from…

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The Newcomers Group

The Newcomers Group [YenilerGrubu] was formed in 1940 while its members were still students at the Istanbul Academy of Fine Arts under Leopold Levy (1840–1904),…

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Painting and Sculpture Museum

The Republic of Turkey houses its public collection of arts in the Western modality at three museums of painting and sculpture: the Istanbul Museum of…

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Young Turk Revolution

The Young Turk Revolution refers to the events that occurred in 1908 under the initiative of the Committee of Union and Progress (İttihad ve Terakki…

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Zeybek, The

The zeybek is a genre of Turkish folk dance that is closely associated with the Aegean region on the west coast of Anatolian Turkey, although…

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Modernist Music in Turkey (1923--)

Modernist music in Turkey owes its foundations to the late bourgeoisie revolution in 1923. The young republic, motivated by the building of a modern nation-state,…

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Roditi, Edouard (1910-1992)

In his unpublished autobiography, Edouard Roditi describes his life in terms of a triple curse of being Jewish, epileptic, and homosexual. Perhaps a fourth quality…

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The 1914 Generation Artists

The artists historiographically grouped as the 1914 Generation transformed the Westernizing artistic impulse of the late Ottoman era into the modernizing impulse of the Republic…