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D Group By Smith, Sarah–Neel

DOI: 10.4324/9781135000356-REM1392-1
Published: 02/05/2017
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The D Group was a loose association of painters and sculptors who exhibited regularly together between 1933 and 1947. The group took its name from the fourth letter of the Latin alphabet because its founding members – Nurullah Berk (1906–1982), Abidin Dino (1913–1993), Zeki Faik Izer (1905–1988), Zühtü Muridoğlu (1906–1992), Elif Naci (1898–1987), and Cemal Tollu (1899–1968) – identified as the fourth generation of modern Turkish artists since the late 19th century, following the Ottoman Painters’ Society (Osmanlı Ressamlar Cemiyeti), the Fine Arts Federation (Güzel Sanatlar Birliği), and the Federation of Independent Painters and Sculptors (Mustakil Ressamlar ve Heykeltraşlar Birliği).

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