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Lima, João Filgueiras “Lelé” (1932–2014)

João “Lelé” Filgueiras Lima is a public architect. Since his formative years on the construction sites of Brasília (1960) until today, his most remarkable works…

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Gill, Eric (1882–1940)

Eric Gill was a sculptor, typeface designer, printmaker and craftsman associated with the Arts and Crafts movement whose greatest influence was on the development of…

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Chernikhov, Iakov (1889–1951)

Iakov Georgievich Chernikhov was born in Pavlograd, Yekaterinenskav Gubernia, in the Russian Empire (now Dnepropetrovskaya oblast, Ukraine) into an impoverished petit bourgeois Jewish family. Having…

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Scott, Michael (1905–1989)

Michael Scott was the foremost proponent of modern architecture in Ireland during the mid-20th century. He specialized in public commissions, particularly hospitals and transport hubs,…

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Kurokawa, Kishō [黒川紀章] (1934–2007)

Kishō Kurokawa [黒川紀章] was born in 1934 in Kanie, Aichi prefecture, Japan, and studied architecture at Kyoto University, obtaining his bachelor’s degree in architecture in…