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Mori, ōgai (1862–1922)

Mori ōgai served as a surgeon in the Japanese Imperial Army, and was a translator, novelist, dramatist, and literary theorist during the Meiji and Taisho…

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Social Realism

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Tynianov, Yuri (1894–1943)

Born in Vitebsk, present-day Belarus, Yuri Nikolaevich Tynianov (Юрий Николаевич Тынянов) was a leading Russian and Soviet literary theorist, historian and novelist as well as…

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Bakhtin, Mikhail (1895–1975)

Mikhail Bakhtin was a Russian philosopher and thinker whose long career concerned aesthetics, ethics, literary and cultural theory, linguistics, and sociology. His earliest works, in…

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Borges, Jorge Luis (1899–1986)

Jorge Luis Borges is among the writers who have brought international fame to Latin American Literature. A fabulist, poet, essayist and translator, Borges shaped modern…

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Valéry, Paul (1871–1945)

Paul Valéry is the author of an oeuvre that comprises several genres and shows him to have been a polyvalent thinker. Celebrated for his poetry,…

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Vladimir Propp (1895–1970)

Vladimir Yakovlevich Propp (Владимир Яковлевич Пропп) was a Russian philologist and folklorist who ranks among the most penetrating, original and influential of modern narrative theoreticians.…

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The journal, Shi’r (Poetry 1957–70) was established in Beirut by Yūsuf al-Khāl and the poet theorist Adunis to save poetry from politics. It emerged as…

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Eichenbaum, Boris (1886–1959)

Boris Mikhailovich Eichenbaum (Борис Михайлович Эйхенбаум) was a leading figure in the Russian formalist school of literary scholars, critics and theorists. An early member of…

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McLuhan, Marshall (1911–1980)

Born Herbert Marshall McLuhan in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Marshall McLuhan was a literary critic, communications theorist, public intellectual, and the father of modern media studies.…

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A novel by James Joyce, written between 1914 and 1922, serialized from 1918–1920, and published in book form (to much controversy) in 1922. With T.…

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Mayakovsky, Vladimir (1893–1930)

Vladimir Mayakovsky (МАЯКОВСКИЙ, ВЛАДИМИР) was a leading Russian poet of the twentieth century and representative of Russian Futurism, a modernist trend that emerged as an…

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Nin, Anaïs (1903–1977)

Anaïs Nin (1903–1977) was a provocative author and socialite known as much for her prose as for her scintillating personal life. Nin’s literary corpus includes…