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Modernism in Latin America

In Latin American intellectual history, modernism is a term that can be usefully and accurately applied to at least two distinct intellectual movements: a clearly…

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Plaza, Juan Bautista (1898–1965)

Juan Bautista Plaza (Caracas, 19 July 1898–1 January 1965) was a Venezuelan composer, educator, writer, and musicologist active in Caracas; he was one of the…

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Modernist Music in Turkey (1923--)

Modernist music in Turkey owes its foundations to the late bourgeoisie revolution in 1923. The young republic, motivated by the building of a modern nation-state,…

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Cordero, Roque Jacinto (1917–2008)

Roque Cordero was a Panamanian composer, conductor, and educator, and the only twentieth-century Panamanian composer to gain international recognition. During the 1940s he studied composition…

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Spectralism is a tendency in contemporary art music that takes the material attributes of sound as the point of departure for composition. Originating in France…

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Jewish art music

Modern Jewish art music concerns the study of Jewish musical markers and extra-musical Jewish topoi in twentieth-century music penned by both Jews and non-Jews. Transcending…

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Modernism and Film Music in Latin America

Modernism in Latin America was, as in Europe, a movement that began as a reaction to late-nineteenth-century artistic currents, primarily in visual and plastic art,…

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Mahle, Ernst (1929--)

Ernst Mahle is a German-born Brazilian composer, conductor, and music educator who occupies the chair number 6 of the Academia Brasileira de Música. He is…

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Israeli Art Music

Israeli Art Music concerns the study of art music penned in the Jewish community of mandatory Palestine, which since 14 May 1948 is the State…

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Sharp, Cecil James (1859--1924)

In the short span of about fifteen years in the early twentieth century, Cecil James Sharp ignited a folk revival in country song and dance…

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McBurnie, Beryl (1914–2000)

Known as the Caribbean’s mother of dance, Beryl McBurnie counts amongst the leading figures of Caribbean modern dance, a movement that furthered decolonization and postcolonial…

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Mendes, Gilberto (1922–2016)

Gilberto Ambrósio Garcia Mendes was born in Santos (São Paulo state), on 13 October 1922. Despite his unorthodox musical career — he did not start…

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Mahler, Gustav (1860–1911)

With his deeply autobiographical compositions, composer Gustav Mahler (1860–1911) bridged late nineteenth-century Romanticism and early twentieth-century Modernism. His symphonies and song cycles traversed techniques of…