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Liu Haisu [劉海粟] (1896–1994)

Liu Haisu was a painter, art educator, exhibition organizer, and key figure in introducing Western art to China in the 20th century. As the founder…

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The British critic Roger Fry devised the term “Post-Impressionism” in 1910 while organizing an exhibition in London at the Grafton Galleries to introduce recent French…

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Cubism is an influential modernist art movement that emerged in Paris during the first decade of the twentieth century. The term was established by Parisian…

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Beckmann, Max (1884–1950)

A painter, printmaker, sculptor, and writer, Max Beckmann achieved success at an early age. After studying art in Weimar and spending some months in Paris,…

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Grupo Santa Helena

The Santa Helena Group, made up mostly of wall painters, artisans, and amateur easel painters, had its origins in Brazil in the second half of…

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Camden Town Group

Founded in 1911 and active in London before World War I, the Camden Town Group played an important role in the development of a distinctively…

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Schiele, Egon (1890–1918)

Egon Schiele is one of the most original artists of the early 20th century and a major figure associated with the stylistic movement, Expressionism. He…

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Lifar, Serge (1905–1986)

A crucial figure in the rehabilitation of ballet at the Paris Opéra, Serge Lifar had a glamorous career as a dancer, choreographer, and intellectual in…