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Millán, Manuel Mujica (1897–1963)

Considered the most significant neocolonial/neo-Hispanic architect in Venezuela. In the course of his career the versatile Manuel Mujica Millán demonstrated a pronounced capacity to reconcile…

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Costa, Lúcio (1902–1998)

Brazilian architect Lúcio Marçal Ferreira Ribeiro Lima Costa was a founding father and one the main exponents of Brazilian modern architecture. After passing his childhood…

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Solanas, Fernando (1936--)

Fernando “Pino” Solanas is an Argentinian director, screenwriter, author, politician, and public intellectual. Alongside Octavio Getino, Solanas is a founder of the Third Cinema political…

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Rocha, Glauber (1939–1981)

Glauber Rocha de Andrade (Vitória da Conquista, 1939–1981) was a Brazilian film critic, screenwriter, producer, and director. Arguably the most important director of the cinema…

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Black Girl (1966)

Black Girl is the first feature-length sub-Saharan African production directed by Ousmane Sembène, also known as the father of African cinema. The film traces the…

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The most salient first use of the term populism and its cognates can be found in late 19th-century Tsarist Russia. The Russian peasant Narodniki [populists]…

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Kahlo, Frida (1907–1954)

One of the most recognizable Mexican painters of the twentieth century, Frida Kahlo produced around 200 paintings, dozens of drawings and an illustrated journal. She…

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Velarde, Héctor Bergman (1898–1989)

The architect Héctor Velarde was born in Lima, Peru, on May 14, 1898. His father was a diplomat and Velarde passed his childhood and adolescence…