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Dong Xiwen (1914–1973)

Dong Xiwen [董希文] was a modern Chinese painter, whose art was widely appreciated in Communist China. Dong attended the National Academy of Arts in Hangzhou,…

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The Lingnan School

The Lingnan School was a school of modern Chinese painting, originating in and around the southern city of Guangzhou (known in the West as Canton)…

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Lui Shou Kwan (呂壽琨) (1919–1975)

Lui Shou Kwan was a prominent artist and the chief initiator of the ink painting movement in Hong Kong. As a pioneer of ink painting,…

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Irene Chou (周綠雲) (1924–2011)

Irene Chou was an acclaimed modern ink painter and an active participant in the ink painting movement in Hong Kong in the 1960s and 1970s.…

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Liu Kang (1911–2004)

Liu Kang is recognized as one of the founders of Singaporean modern art. However, he was born and educated in China, and moved to Singapore…

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Xu Beihong [徐悲鴻] (1895–1953)

Xu Beihong was a key figure in modern Chinese art who used his Western academic training to remake Chinese art in the 20th century. He…

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Fengmian, Lin [林風眠] (1900–1991)

Lin Fengmian was a twentieth-century Chinese artist who introduced Western modernism into the Chinese art scene through both his painting practice and teaching activities. In…