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Art Informel in Korea

Informel is an art movement characterized by non-geometrical abstraction and expressive gestures. Emerging in the mid-1950s, Informel is generally considered the first radical artistic experiment…

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Michaux, Henri (1899–1984)

Henri Michaux was a Belgian artist and writer who can be situated—however roughly—at the borders of Surrealism and Art Informel. At the age of twenty…

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Gutai Art Association [Gutai Bijutsu Kyōkai] [具体美術協会] was an influential post-World War II Japanese avant-garde collective with an outward-looking mindset. Founded in 1954 in Ashiya,…

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Kim, Tschang-yeul (1929--)

Kim Tschang-yeul was born in Korea during the Japanese colonial era. After studying painting at the College of Fine Arts at Seoul National University (1948–1950),…

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Gharbaoui, Jilali (1930–1971)

Jilali Gharbaoui was a sculptor and painter born in Jorf El Melh, Sidi Kacem region in Morocco. Along with Ahmed Cherkaoui, Jilali Gharbaoui is considered…

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Yoshihara, Jiro

Jiro Yoshihara was the founder—with Shozo Shimamoto and a younger generation of students—of the Gutai Art Association (1954–72). He organized the association’s events, such as…

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CoBrA (1948–1951)

CoBrA was a European avant-garde movement active from 1948 to 1951, primarily known for a painterly style of coloristic disfiguration. The name is an acronym…

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Del Prete, Juan (1897–1987)

While the legacy of Juan Del Prete (b. 1897, Vasto, Chieti, Italy; d. 1987, Buenos Aires) begins with the introduction of visual abstraction to Argentina…