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Cubism is an influential modernist art movement that emerged in Paris during the first decade of the twentieth century. The term was established by Parisian…

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Patriquin, Donald (1938--)

Donald Patriquin is a composer known chiefly for contributing to choral repertoire in Canada. Born in Sherbrooke, Quebec, he studied composition as a teenager with…

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Barraine, Elsa Jacqueline (1910–99)

Elsa Barraine’s precocious musical talents were recognized at an early age, and she entered the Paris Conservatoire at the age of twelve. She studied composition…

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Ainslie, Bill (1934–1989)

Born in 1934 in Bedford, Eastern Cape, South Africa, William (Bill) Stewart Ainslie was a painter and educator, and the founder of a number of…

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Kollwitz, Käthe (1867–1945)

Käthe Kollwitz (née Schmidt) was born in Königsberg, East Prussia in 1867, the fifth child of Karl and Katharina Schmidt. In 1884 she entered the…

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Dalit Literature

‘Dalit literature’ is a term that has come into prominence over the past four decades to refer to the literary writings of people belonging to…

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Serote, Mongane (1944–)

Mongane Wally Serote was born four years prior to the assumption of power by the Nationalist Party in 1948. Always conscious of himself in relation…

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Ziadeh, May (1886–1941)

May Ziadeh was a prominent literary figure and salonnière in the Arab world in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century. A journalist, essayist,…