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Modernism in East Asia

The term ‘modernism’ is commonly used to describe some of the literary and cultural production of the early twentieth century in China, Japan, and Korea,…

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Futurism emerged at the beginning of the twentieth century as a movement that explicitly conceptualized the process of literary and artistic experimentation as part of…

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Kawatake Mokuami (1816–1893)

A playwright at the end of the Edo period and throughout much of the Meiji period, Kawatake Mokuami wrote over 360 plays during his fifty-year…

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Takarazuka Revue Company (1913--)

The popular Takarazuka Revue Company, based in Takarazuka, Hyogo Prefecture, is the oldest established musical theater company in Japan. The performers are unmarried women; if…

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Ichikawa, Ennosuke II (1888–1963)

Ichikawa Ennosuke II was a kabuki actor in the Meiji, Taishō, and Shōwa eras who collaborated with artists in the modern drama movement and was…

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Chandraleka (1928–2006)

Chandralekha Prabhudas Patel, known by the mononym Chandralekha, was a pioneering choreographer, dancer, writer, graphic designer, and social activist based in Chennai, India. Best known…

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Shawqi, Ahmad (احمد شوقي) (1868–1932)

Ahmad Shawqi was the leading poet and pioneer playwright of the neo-classical period of Arabic literature. Shawqi benefited from a secular education, which allowed him…

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Kiowa 5

The Kiowa 5 were a group of Kiowa artists born in Indian Territory (in what is now known as Oklahoma) during the first decade of…

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Japanese Secession

In 1920, a group of Japanese architects interested in Art Nouveu or “Jugenstil” created a society sharing a common approach concerning the future of architecture…

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Adam, Hoerijah (1936–1971)

Born nine years before Indonesia’s independence, Hoerijah Adam epitomized the transitional figure of the Indonesian postcolonial dancer. Despite her short life, Adam changed the course…