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The Pioneer Players (1911–25)

Led by director Edith Craig, with her mother Ellen Terry as president, the Pioneer Players theater society was founded on May 11, 1911 in London…

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Efflatoun, Inji (1924–1989)

Inji Efflatoun was an Egyptian painter, feminist, and political activist. She completed her secondary education at the Lycée Français in Cairo where she was introduced…

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Craig, Edith (1869–1947)

Edith (“Edy”) Craig, lesbian theater director and women’s suffrage activist, directed numerous plays and historical pageants, making significant contributions to the Little Theatre Movement in…

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St John, Christopher (1871–1960)

Christabel Marshall, later Christopher St John, studied at Somerville College in Oxford before moving to London, where she worked as a secretary to Lady Randolph…

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Hamilton, Cicely (1872–1952)

Cicely Hamilton, lesbian actor, author, and women’s suffrage activist, is best known for her plays Diana of Dobson’s (1908), exposing exploitation in the retail trade,…