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Salinas, Pedro (1891–1951)

Pedro Salinas was a poet, essayist, and playwright. Known as the poet of love of the Generation of ’27, and as the senior member of…

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Guillén, Jorge (1893–1984)

Spanish poet, literary critic, and scholar, Jorge Guillén belongs to the Generation of ’27, a group of Spanish poets—which included Federico García Lorca, Rafael Alberti,…

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Generation of ‘27

Generation of ‘27 was a group of poets in Spain also known as Generation of 1925, Generation of the Dictatorship (referring to Primo de Rivera’s…

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Alberti, Rafael (1902–1999)

Born in Cadiz, Andalusia, and a member of what is known as the Generation of ’27, Rafael Alberti started his career as an avant-garde painter.…

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Generación del 98

The Generation of ’98, a Spanish literary and cultural movement that was active during the first two decades of the 20th century, brought together a…

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Generation of ’27 [REVISED AND EXPANDED]

Generation of ’27 [Generación del 27 or de 1927], in Spain, a group of poets, also called the Generation of 1925, the Generation of the…