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One Step

In the years before the entry of the United States into World War I, the One Step replaced the Two Step as the common popular…

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The foxtrot emerged circa 1914, most likely within African American practices, as a variation on the older duple meter one step popular with dancers since…

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Modern Ballroom Dancing

Twentieth-century modern ballroom dancing differed from social dancing of the nineteenth century in its shift in focus from group cohesion to individual personal style. This…

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Parnakh, Valentin Yakovlevich (1891–1951)

Brother of the celebrated poet Sofia Parnok, Valentin Parnakh was a Russo-Soviet dancer, jazz musician, actor, poet, and translator, a mover and shaker of the…

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Googie Architecture

Googie architecture was a vernacular style of architecture that emerged in post-Second World War America, primarily in Southern California. Replacing Streamline Moderne as the style…

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Ragtime Dancing

Ragtime dancing is a social dance practice, performed to ragtime music, that began in the 1890s and gained widespread popularity in US dance halls until…

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Page, Ruth (1899–1991)

Ruth Page was a Chicago-based dancer, choreographer, and director of ballet companies whose experimentalism, disregard for genre boundaries, and affinity for collaboration led her in…