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Modernism in East Asia

The term ‘modernism’ is commonly used to describe some of the literary and cultural production of the early twentieth century in China, Japan, and Korea,…

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Reinhardt, Ad (1913–1967)

Ad Reinhardt, the American painter and illustrator-cartoonist, was born in 1913 and raised in New York City. Reinhardt attended Columbia College, pursued graduate studies in…

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Schapiro, Meyer (1904–1996)

Art historian Meyer Schapiro was born in Šiauliai [Shavley], Lithuania, on September 23, 1904, but soon immigrated to the United States with his family in…

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Ridge, Lola (1873–1941)

A proletarian modernist, the poet Lola Ridge is best known for her work published between 1918 and 1922, which coincided with her editorship of Broom…

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Buckler, Ernest (1908–1984)

Ernest Buckler (1908–1984) was a walking paradox. Born in the bookless society of poor, rural Nova Scotia, he earned a BA in mathematics and philosophy…

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Zukofsky, Louis (1904–1978)

Louis Zukofsky was an American avant-garde poet active from the 1920s upto the 1970s. Zukofsky’s masterwork long poem, ‘A’ (in company with his many other…

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New Dance Group, New York City, 1932–2009

Established in 1932 by six young Jewish women in New York City, New Dance Group (NDG) trained leaders of the American modern dance. Founded with…

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Workers Dance League, The

In the midst of the economic and social upheaval of America’s Great Depression, a group of young modern dancers came together in 1932 to form…

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Hughes, Langston (1902–1967)

Langston Hughes was one of the most accomplished, influential writers of the 20th century. Influenced by the inclusive ‘I’ of Walt Whitman and the musical…

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Stevens, Wallace (1879–1955)

Wallace Stevens is recognized as one of America’s greatest modernist poets, yet he was not widely celebrated for his poetry until the last years of…

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Picasso, Pablo (1881-1973)

Born in Malaga, it was in Barcelona that Picasso first identified himself as a subversive Modernist with a critical, contestatory and transgressive praxis exposing the…

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Burliuk, David (БУРЛЮК, ДАВИД) (1882–1967)

Deemed by many as the founding father of Russian Futurism, David Davidovich Burliuk was a painter, writer, poet, performance artist, journal editor, and publisher. Burliuk…