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Wenger, Susanne (1915–2009)

Susanne Wenger was an Austrian artist and an instrumental figure in the history of Nigerian modernism. Born on July 4, 1915 in the city of…

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Prince Twins Seven Seven (1944–2011)

Prince Twins Seven Seven was a Yoruba artist of the Oshogbo School. He is one of the most significant artists of modern art in Africa.…

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Beier, Ulli (1922–2011)

Ulli Beier (b. 1922, Glowitz, Poland – d. 2011, Sydney, Australia) was a Polish-born publisher, writer, translator, lecturer, curator, theatre producer, and particularly a promoter…

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Beier, Georgina (1938--)

Georgina Beier, née Betts, was born in London in 1938. At age sixteen she enrolled in the Kingston Art School; however, she dropped out after…

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The Oshogbo Group

Between 1962 and 1966, after Nigeria gained Independence from Britain, a group of artists emerged in the Yoruba town of Oshogbo in southwestern Nigeria. They…

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Okeke, Uche (1933--)

Born as Christopher Uchefuna Okeke in Anambra State, Nigeria in 1933, Uche Okeke is a founding father of Nigerian Modern Art. As one of the…