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Xul Solar (1887–1963)

Associated with the most important figures of the literary and artistic avant-garde of Buenos Aires, the Argentinean painter and polyglot Xul Solar was key in…

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Carpentier, Alejo (1904–1980)

Alejo Carpentier, Cuban novelist and musicologist, formed important connections between the European and Latin American modern literature of the 20th century. He was a founder…

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Costa, Lúcio (1902–1998)

Brazilian architect Lúcio Marçal Ferreira Ribeiro Lima Costa was a founding father and one the main exponents of Brazilian modern architecture. After passing his childhood…

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Klaxon (São Paulo, 1922–1923)

Klaxon (São Paulo, 1922–1923) was the first and most important of Brazil’s avant-garde artistic journals. It comprised a total of nine issues, published on a…

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Hyppolite, Hector (c. 1894–1948)

Haitian painter Hector Hyppolite (born: c.1894 (uncertain) in Saint Marc, Haiti; died: 1948 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti) is best known for his inventive depictions of Haitian…

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Modernism and Film Music in Latin America

Modernism in Latin America was, as in Europe, a movement that began as a reaction to late-nineteenth-century artistic currents, primarily in visual and plastic art,…

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Bunster, Patricio (1924–2006)

Patricio Bunster’s career was emblematic of a Latin American engagement with European modernism and unique in its exchange with German modern dance (Ausdruckstanz). Trained in…