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Modern Breakthrough

The Modern Breakthrough is a category of literary history first used in 1883 by the Danish critic Georg Brandes. Brandes used it to group together…

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Drachmann, Holger Henrik Herholdt (1846–1908)

Holger Drachmann was a Danish writer and painter, active in the period of the Modern Breakthrough in Scandinavia (1870s–1890s). He was influenced by Georg Brandes…

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Brandes, Georg Morris Cohen (1842–1927)

The Danish literary critic Georg Brandes is known as the force behind the modern breakthrough in Scandinavian literature in the late 19th century. Inspired by…

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Lie, Jonas (1833–1908)

Jonas Lie was a leading Norwegian novelist during the Scandinavian Modern Breakthrough, a period of literary realism and naturalism spanning 1870 to 1890. His major…

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Levison, Olivia (1847-1894)

Olivia Levison was born in Copenhagen and, while receiving no formal education, learned several languages at an early age, including Italian and Russian. Levison made…

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Claussen, Sophus (1865–1931)

Sophus Claussen is considered one of the foremost Danish poets of the period spanning the 19th and 20th centuries. As a regular contributor to the…