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Esenin, Sergei (1895–1925)

Sergei Alexandrovich Esenin was one of Russia’s major lyrical poets. He described himself as “the last poet of the village.” Raised in a peasant family,…

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Brasch, (Orwell) Charles (1909–1973)

Charles Brasch was a New Zealand poet, critic, editor, and translator. Primarily informed by national identity and history, his work focused on finding rootedness in…

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Mayakovsky, Vladimir (1893–1930)

Vladimir Mayakovsky (МАЯКОВСКИЙ, ВЛАДИМИР) was a leading Russian poet of the twentieth century and representative of Russian Futurism, a modernist trend that emerged as an…

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Gramatges [Leyte Vidal], Harold (1918–2008)

Harold Gramatges was a leading composer, pianist, conductor, and educator during the second half of the twentieth century in Cuba. He was a founding member…

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The Spanish Civil War (1936–1939)

The Spanish Civil War was a major military conflict between right-wing Nationalists and left-wing Republicans that erupted after a coup d’état was staged by rebel…

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Duncan, Isadora (1877- 1927)

Frequently credited with the invention of modern dance, Isadora Duncan was a choreographer, dancer, educator, international star, and author of a bestselling autobiography My Life…

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Khlebnikov, Velimir (1885–1922)

One of the founders of Russian Futurism, Khlebnikov can be counted as one of the movement’s most prominent and seminal representatives. Widely acclaimed for his…