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Group of Composers of Bahia (GCB)

The Group of Composers of Bahia is a movement of musical creation initiated within the context of the Music Seminars of the Federal University of…

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Modernism in Latin America

In Latin American intellectual history, modernism is a term that can be usefully and accurately applied to at least two distinct intellectual movements: a clearly…

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Valentim, Rubem (1922–1991)

Rubem Valentim was born in 1922 in Salvador in the state of Bahia. A self-taught artist, Valentim starts his career in the 1940s acting alongside…

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Cardoso, Lindembergue (1939–1989)

Lindembergue Cardoso was one of the major representatives of the Composers’ Group of Bahia, a state of Brazil. He was born in Livramento de Nossa…

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Widmer, Ernst (1927--1990)

Ernst Widmer considered himself a Brazilian citizen, a Brazilian composer who was born and educated in Switzerland but who bloomed in the tropics. Actually, the…

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Modern samba music and dance began in Rio de Janeiro’s Afro-Brazilian communities in the early 1900s and spread rapidly to international audiences through twentieth-century technologies…

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Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian movement practice that has been categorized as national sport, folklore, martial art, and dance. Although capoeira has been considered a game…

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Lima, João Filgueiras “Lelé” (1932–2014)

João “Lelé” Filgueiras Lima is a public architect. Since his formative years on the construction sites of Brasília (1960) until today, his most remarkable works…

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Miranda, Carmen (1909–1955)

Portuguese-born Brazilian singer, dancer and actress Carmen Miranda defied twentieth-century social and theatrical conventions to become a modern pop icon, an emblem of Hollywood’s Latina…

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Katunda, Eunice de Monte Lima (1915–1990)

Eunice de Monte Lima Katunda was a Brazilian pianist, composer, conductor, and educator. She was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1915 and died in…

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Dunham, Katherine Mary (1909–2006)

As a choreographer, anthropologist, educator, and activist, Katherine Dunham transformed the field of dance in the twentieth century. In the mid-1930s she conducted anthropological research…