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Shōchiku Company Limited [松竹株式会社]

Shōchiku Company Limited [松竹株式会社] is a Japanese entertainment gaint that owns theaters, film studios, production companies for motion pictures and theater, real estate, and other…

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Kinugasa, Teinosuke (1896–1982)

Kinugasa Teinosuke (1 January 1896–26 February 1982) was a Japanese actor and film director, most famous for his experimental films of the 1920s and art-house…

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Liu, Na’o (1905–1940)

On 3 September 1940 Liu Na’ou (1905–40), the Taiwan-born, Japan-educated leader of the Shanghai Neo-Sensation School, was killed by an unknown gunman. He had just…

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Méliès, Georges (1861–1938)

Georges Méliès (born Marie-Georges-Jean Méliès) was a French showman, illusionist, and filmmaker best known for his early silent fantasy and science fiction films, such as…

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Griffith, David Wark (1875–1948)

American film director D.W. Griffith was a pivotal figure in cinema’s ascendance as a mass medium and modern art form. He is best known for…

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Zheng Zhengqiu (郑正秋) (1889–1935)

Zheng Zhengqiu (Chinese: 郑正秋, born as Zheng Fangze, 郑芳泽) (December 4, 1889 to July 16, 1935) was a Chinese filmmaker and screenwriter, and one of…