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Livesay, (Kathleen May) Dorothy (1909–1996)

Dorothy Livesay was a Canadian poet, journalist, activist, social worker, instructor, field worker, and author of short fiction, literary criticism, radio plays, and autobiography. Her…

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Crawley, Alan (1887–1975)

Alan Crawley (born in Cobourg, Ontario on 23 August 1887; died on Vancouver Island in 1975) was an editor and critic who played a significant…

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Jones, David (1895–1974)

David Jones, the poet, painter and engraver, was born in Brockley, Kent, in 1895. He was the youngest son of James Jones, a printer’s overseer…

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Contact Press

Contact Press was an independent Canadian small press founded by Louis Dudek (1918–2001), Irving Layton (1912–2006), and Raymond Souster (1921–2012) that operated from 1952 to…

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Waddington, Miriam (née Dworkin) (1917–2004)

Canadian poet Miriam Waddington was born in Winnipeg’s Jewish North End neighbourhood in Manitoba, Canada on 23 December 1917. Waddington was honoured with several awards…

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Anglo-Modernism in Canada

Among the movements originating in Western Europe that instigated the modernist turn in anglophone Canadian literature, the most prominent were symbolism, impressionism, aestheticism, and decadence,…