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Pereira dos Santos, Nelson (1928--)

Nelson Pereira dos Santos (born in 1928 in São Paulo) is a Brazilian actor, screenwriter, film critic and theorist, producer, and director. He can be…

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Arquitetura Nova

When the architect Sérgio Ferro entitled his 1967 manifesto ‘New Architecture’, he proclaimed a new architecture in Brazil by means of alignment with the thesis-manifesto…

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Rocha, Glauber (1939–1981)

Glauber Rocha de Andrade (Vitória da Conquista, 1939–1981) was a Brazilian film critic, screenwriter, producer, and director. Arguably the most important director of the cinema…

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French New Wave

The French New Wave is a term associated with a group of French filmmakers and the films they directed from the late 1950s until the…

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Politics and Cinema

The relationship between politics and the cinema is probably one of the most vexatious questions to have occupied the academic discipline of film studies, and…

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Group of Composers of Bahia (GCB)

The Group of Composers of Bahia is a movement of musical creation initiated within the context of the Music Seminars of the Federal University of…