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Mede, Cuthy (1949--)

Born in Zimbabwe in 1949 to Malawian parents, Cuthbert (Cuthy) Mede grew up on Likoma Island, Lake Malawi. Internationally, Mede is considered the most well…

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KuNgoni Centre of Culture and Art

Founded in 1976 by Canadian White Father Claude Boucher, a Christian missionary, the KuNgoni Centre of Culture and Art is a non-profit organisation located in…

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Kappata, Stephen (1936–2007)

Stephen Chipango Kappata was born in Zambia in 1936 to Angolan migrant parents who had fled Angola during the Portuguese wars of conquest during World…

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African Hip-Hop

There are several features that distinguish African Hip-Hop music from the genre’s American origins. Principal targets of its social critique such as disenfranchisement and social…