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African Hip-Hop

There are several features that distinguish African Hip-Hop music from the genre’s American origins. Principal targets of its social critique such as disenfranchisement and social…

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Ortiz, William (1947--)

Born in Salinas, Puerto Rico, William Oritz was raised in New York City. He studied composition at the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico under…

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New York’s Palladium Ballroom is commonly revered as the birthplace of modern Latin dancing. Known as “the home of the mambo,” the Palladium was New…

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Dench, Christopher (1953--)

Christopher Dench is one of a group of British composers who emerged in the early 1980s associated with the notion of New Complexity (other composers…

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Jazz Dancing

Jazz dancing is an important modern art form that developed in tandem with jazz music between the 1910s and 1940s in America. Emanating from African-American…