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Guiragossian, Paul (1925–1993)

Born in Jerusalem to Armenian parents who survived the 1915 Armenian Genocide, Guiragossian eventually settled in Beirut after being evacuated from Palestine by the British.…

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Gorky, Arshile (ca. 1902–1948)

Arshile Gorky was an Armenian American artist whose work and knowledge of European avant-garde art contributed to the development of Abstract Expressionism. Born Vosdanig Adoian…

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Raqs-e melli

Iranian-Armenians Madame Cornelli, Madame Yelena Avakian, and Sarkis Djanbazian, all of whom had learned ballet in Russia or Europe, came to Iran where they opened…

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Arlen, Michael (1895–1956)

Michael Arlen, although now largely forgotten, was one of the most successful novelists of the 1920s. Born Dikran Kouyoumdjian in Ruse, Bulgaria, to Armenian parents,…

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Werfel, Franz (1890–1945) [REVISED AND EXPANDED]

Franz Viktor Werfel was a Jewish-born Austrian novelist, poet, playwright, essayist, and translator best known in the Anglophone world for his works of historical fiction,…

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Boghossian, Alexander (Skunder) (1937–2003)

Alexander Boghossian, better known as Skunder, was one of the most prominent figures of African modernism. Born in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia in 1937 to…

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Aharonián, Coriún (1940--)

Coriún Aharonián was born in Montevideo, Uruguay on August 4, 1940. His parents, Nubar Aharonián and Victoria Kharputlián, arrived in Uruguay in 1927 and 1928,…

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Werfel, Franz (1890–1945)

Franz Viktor Werfel was a Jewish-born Austrian novelist, poet, and playwright best known for his works of historical fiction, including The Forty Days of Musa…

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Nazemi, Abdollah (1937--)

Abdollah Nazemi founded the Pars National Ballet, a semiprivate dance company, in 1966. It was the first known instance of a Western-style modern dance group…

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