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Lahham, Rafiq (1932--)

Born in Damascus in 1932, Rafiq Lahham went on to become a pioneer in Jordan’s modern art movement. His body of work is characterized by…

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Koraïchi, Rachid (1947--)

Born in Ain Beida, Algeria to a Sufi family, Rachid Koraïchi’s art is often framed within a tradition of Sufi spirituality in which aesthetics and…

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Melehi, Mohammed (1936--)

Mohammed Melehi is known as one of the leading modernist figures in Morocco. Since the 1960s, Melehi has produced a body of work based around…

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Zaini, Jassim (1943–2012)

Jassim Mohamed Zaini was a leading figure in the development of the fledgling Qatari art scene in the 1960s. Zaini was one of the few artists…

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The Egyptian School of Fine Arts

The Egyptian School of Fine Arts [Madrassat al-Funun al-Jamila al-Misriyya] opened its doors on 13 May 1908, a date cited by many art historians as…

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The perception of the Arabic letter in art has gone through many changes from the Islamic civilization to the modern age. Following the political and…