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New American Cinema

The New American Cinema was a movement to create independent films that expressed the countercultural moods and sensibilities of the late 1950s and early 1960s;…

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Zorn, John (1953--)

John Zorn is an American avant-garde saxophonist and composer. Zorn performs on alto saxophone and is one of the leading figures in New York City’s…

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Kluge, Alexander (1932--)

Alexander Kluge is a German author, film director, and television producer who has also worked as a lawyer, teacher, and political lobbyist. A founding figure of…

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A Movie (1958)

A Movie (1958) is a twelve-minute compilation montage of vintage newsreels, soft-core “girlie movies,” low-budget Westerns, educational and ethnographic films, and other black and white…

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Cassavetes, John (1929--1989)

John Nicholas Cassavetes (1929--1989) was born to Greek parents in New York. He originally trained in the theater. His acting in commercial Hollywood films such…

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Anthology Film Archives

Anthology Film Archives (“Anthology” hereafter) is an experimental film institution that was founded in 1970 by experimental filmmakers Jonas Mekas, Jerome Hill, Peter Kubelka, Stan…

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Science Fiction Films

Science fiction films are films where plot premises generally (1) depend on a scientific development or concept not actualised at the time of filming, or…

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McLaren, Norman (1914–87)

Born in Scotland, Norman McLaren was a filmmaker and one of the most inventive creators of animation films. His career is closely connected to the…