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Kumudini Lakhia (1930--)

Kumudini Lakhia’s career as a dancer, choreographer, and teacher spans over sixty years. During this time, she brought Kathak, a traditional art dance indigenous to…

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Deboo, Astad (1947--)

Astad Deboo’s name is synonymous with Contemporary Indian Dance, a style that he pioneered at a time when innovations in Indian dance were not welcomed.…

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Contemporary South Asian Dance

Contemporary South Asian Dance is performed in the geographical territories of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and in the diaspora of South Asians in the…

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Creative Dance in India

Creative Dance in India showcases dynamic movement, innovative uses of lighting and space, and collaborations with visual designers, musicians, and martial artists. This style has…

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Zacharia, Paul (1945--)

Paul Zacharia, a short story writer, novelist, and essayist, introduced the notion of counter-modernity to Malayalam literature in the late 1960s. He rejected the self-definition…

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East West Dance Encounter (1984)

The East West Dance Encounter, 1984, Bombay, consisted of a week of presentations and discussion among selected performers and critics representing a range of styles,…

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Devi, Ragini (1893–1982)

Ragini Devi (née Esther Luella Sherman) was a white American dancer and ethnographer who devoted her life to studying and preserving Indian classical dance. In…

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Vijayan, O.V. (1930–2005)

O.V. Vijayan was a writer, thinker, political observer, and cartoonist, born in Palakkad, Kerala and rose to prominence with his first novel, Khasakkinte Itihasam (The…

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Shankar, Uday (1900–1977)

A legendary dancer often credited as the father of Indian modern dance, Uday Shankar was a visual artist and an astute choreographer with a keen…

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Das, Kamala (1934–2009)

Kamala Das, one of the best-known bilingual writers from India in the twentieth century, consistently pushed the boundaries of what could be represented in literature…

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Flamenco and Modernism

Though practitioners perceive Andalusia as the form’s spiritual and artistic home, flamenco is taught and performed in cities around the world. Modern flamenco evolved from…