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Kulbak, Moyshe (1896–1937)

Moyshe Kulbak was a leading Yiddish modernist poet, novelist, and playwright. Born in Smorgon near Vilna, he received a traditional religious education. His youthful works…

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Manger, Itsik (1901–1969)

Itsik Manger was a prominent Yiddish poet, playwright, and prose writer – a ‘master tailor’ of the written word. He entered the field of Jewish…

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Berdyczewski, Micha Yosef (1865–1921)

Micha Yosef Berdyczewski was a Ukrainian-born writer, journalist and Hebrew scholar who is best known for his modernist writings on the Jewish faith. The son…

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Dropkin, Celia (1887–1956)

Celia Dropkin, one of the greatest yet lesser-known Yiddish poets, revolutionized modern Yiddish poetry with her pioneering exploration of gender dynamics. Bold erotic motifs in…

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Bergelson, Dovid (1884–1952)

Dovid Bergelson was a major Yiddish prose writer and essayist. He had a lasting impact on Yiddish fiction writing, introducing new narrative techniques such as…