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Maekawa, Kunio (1905–1986)

The Japanese architect Kerio Maekawa was pivotal in the consolidation of a Japanese architectural Modernism. He was born into a noble family in Niigata prefecture…

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Japanese Secession

In 1920, a group of Japanese architects interested in Art Nouveu or “Jugenstil” created a society sharing a common approach concerning the future of architecture…

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Kurokawa, Kishō [黒川紀章] (1934–2007)

Kishō Kurokawa [黒川紀章] was born in 1934 in Kanie, Aichi prefecture, Japan, and studied architecture at Kyoto University, obtaining his bachelor’s degree in architecture in…

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Architecture Subject Overview

Modernist architecture and design represented a utopian vision of how the built environment could be adapted to the needs to modern industrial society. Industrialization had…

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Shinohara, Kazuo (1925–2006)

Kazuo Shinohara was born in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. He graduated from the Department of Architecture, Tokyo Institute of Technology, in 1953. That same year, he…

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Maki, Fumihiko [槇文彦] (1928--)

Fumihiko Maki was born in Tokyo in 1928. After studying at the University of Tokyo and graduating with a bachelor’s in architecture (BS Arch) in…

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War Art in Japan

Under Japan’s totalitarian state during World War II, most Japanese artists participated in the war effort. Their activities included producing works commissioned by the state,…