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Hall, Radclyffe (1880–1943)

Radclyffe Hall was a British novelist, poet, and lyricist. A contemporary of the Bloomsbury Group and proponent of Havelock Ellis's sexological theories, Hall is best…

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Shabtai, Yaakov (1934–1981)

An Israeli Hebrew author, playwright, lyricist, and translator, Yaakov Shabtai was born in Tel Aviv in 1934 (Wikipectia …). Shabtai began translating plays and writing…

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Hesse, Hermann (1877–1962)

Hermann Hesse was born in Calw (Germany) in a pietistic missionary family. To his devout parents, ‘the I’, as a subject next to God, had…

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Manger, Itsik (1901–1969)

Itsik Manger was a prominent Yiddish poet, playwright, and prose writer – a ‘master tailor’ of the written word. He entered the field of Jewish…

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Modern Tamil Writing

Tamil literature, over the past two millennia, has been continuously evolving in its grammatical style, content, expressions, forms, structures, and themes. Modern Tamil writing can…