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Kurokawa, Kishō [黒川紀章] (1934–2007)

Kishō Kurokawa [黒川紀章] was born in 1934 in Kanie, Aichi prefecture, Japan, and studied architecture at Kyoto University, obtaining his bachelor’s degree in architecture in…

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Solanas, Fernando (1936--)

Fernando “Pino” Solanas is an Argentinian director, screenwriter, author, politician, and public intellectual. Alongside Octavio Getino, Solanas is a founder of the Third Cinema political…

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JunYee (1942--)

Junyee, or Luis Yee, Jr., is a Filipino artist known for his large-scale and site-specific art installations, which reflect a deep awareness of ecology and…

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Boyd, Arthur (1920–1999)

Arthur Boyd is widely recognized as one of Australia’s greatest artists. He was born in Melbourne to Merric and Doris (née Gough) Boyd, into a…

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Modernism in Africa

Though they often escape critical scrutiny, concepts such as modernism, modernity, and modernization are at the heart of the concept of development, and thus omnipresent…

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