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Kulbak, Moyshe (1896–1937)

Moyshe Kulbak was a leading Yiddish modernist poet, novelist, and playwright. Born in Smorgon near Vilna, he received a traditional religious education. His youthful works…

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Vogel, Debora (1900–1942)

Debora Vogel (1900–42) was a Polish-Jewish writer, poet, art critic, essayist, philosopher, and translator. She is a key – yet unrecognised – figure in the…

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Margolin, Anna (1887–1952)

Anna Margolin is a Yiddish poet of the first half of the twentieth century, and though she produced only a single volume of poetry, Margolin…

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Howe, Irving (1920–1993)

Irving Howe was an American literary and social critic. Howe was a central figure in the circles of American democratic socialism as well as a…

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Di Khalyastre (1922–1924)

Di Khalyastre (also Di Khaliastra, ‘The Gang’ in Yiddish) was a major Yiddish avant-garde movement and literary magazine active in Warsaw between 1922 and 1924.…

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Agnon, Shmuel Yosef (1888–1970)

Nobel laureate Shmuel Yosef Agnon is perhaps the most prominent figure of modern Jewish and Hebrew prose. Born as Shmuel Yosef Czaczkes in the city…