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Barnard, Mary (1909–2001)

Born in Vancouver, Washington, Mary Barnard was a writer best known for Sappho: A New Translation (1958) and her correspondence with Ezra Pound, which she…

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Anglo-Modernism in Canada

Among the movements originating in Western Europe that instigated the modernist turn in anglophone Canadian literature, the most prominent were symbolism, impressionism, aestheticism, and decadence,…

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Barney, Natalie Clifford (1876–1972)

Natalie Barney was an expatriate American writer who lived in Paris. In her home at 20 rue Jacob, Barney established a salon that for over…

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H.D. (Hilda Doolittle) (1886–1961)

Perhaps best known as one of the founding imagists, H.D. was also a novelist, essayist and actor active throughout the entire modernist period. From her…

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Richardson, Dorothy (1873–1957)

Dorothy Richardson (17 May 1873–17 June 1957) was an English writer who pioneered experimental modernist prose. Her major work was Pilgrimage, a thirteen-volume narrative. The…

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Ashton, Frederick William Mallandaine (1904–1988)

Frederick Ashton was a British choreographer and dancer whose work significantly contributed to the development and identity of The Royal Ballet. Along with its founder,…