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Modernist Shakespearean Cinema

From the moment of its birth cinema generated its own forms of Shakespeare. About 400 Shakespearean films were produced during the silent era, even though…

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Kawakami, Otojirō (1864–1911)

Kawakami Otojirō was an actor, comedian, and impresario during Japan’s early modern period and was the first to take Japanese performances on tour, albeit in…

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Welles, Orson (1915–1985)

Orson Welles was born on May 6, 1915 in Kenosha, Wisconsin, to Richard Head Welles, a prosperous wagon manufacturer and inventor, and Beatrice Ives Welles,…

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Kawakami, Sadayakko (1871–1946)

Sadayakko (also sometimes transliterated Sada Yakko or Sada Yacco) was Japan’s first modern actress, a pioneer of Western drama in Japan and one of the…

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Bungei Kyōkai

Launched in February 1906 out of a drama club of Waseda University students, Bungei Kyōkai was one of the two pioneering organizations of the modernist…

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Vainonen, Vasily Ivanovich (1901–1964)

Dancer and choreographer Vasily Vainonen created several signature choreographic works of the Soviet ballet repertoire of the 1930s, including composer Boris Afasiev’s The Flames of…