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The Great War (1914–1918)

The Great War was fought from 1914 to 1918, and was officially ended in 1919 by the Treaty of Versailles. Its primary locus was the…

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War Art in Japan

Under Japan’s totalitarian state during World War II, most Japanese artists participated in the war effort. Their activities included producing works commissioned by the state,…

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Kennington, Eric Henri (1888–1960)

Eric Kennington’s career began in 1908 and, by early 1914, he had gained critical success with his portrait commissions and pictures of London attractions. However,…

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Nash, Paul (1889–1946)

Paul Nash was an artist who responded both to a British tradition of landscape painting, specifically to the art of William Blake, Samuel Palmer, and…

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Dobell, William (1899–1970)

William Dobell was an icon of Australian art during his lifetime, renowned for portraiture but also for the controversy surrounding his being awarded the Archibald…

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The Antipodeans Group

The Antipodeans was the title of a group exhibition of figurative painters at the Victorian Artists’ Society in August 1959. Signatories to the exhibition catalogue…

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Games, Abram (1914–1996)

Abram Games belonged to the golden age of British graphic design and as a freelance commercial artist he produced posters for clients including Shell, London…

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Hoffmann, Josef Franz Maria (1870–1956)

Josef Hoffmann was an Austrian architect and designer who proved instrumental in formulating the aesthetics and theory of modernist design. Among the most progressive architects…

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Lewis, (Percy) Wyndham 1882–1957

Wyndham Lewis is best known as the leader of Vorticism, due largely to his First World War paintings and the portraits he produced during the…