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Modernism in Europe

We are living in a very singular moment of history. It is a moment of crisis, in the literal sense of that word. In every…

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Bernanos, Georges (1888–1948)

Although still widely read in the 1950s, Bernanos has now become an out dated author, if not entirely forgotten. Though he had a very high…

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Maritain, Jacques (1882–1973)

Jacques Maritain was a leader among those who attempted to update and transform Catholic teaching for the modern world. Born to a Protestant republican, he…

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Sorel, Georges (1847–1922)

Georges Sorel was a French social thinker and political theorist. An engineer of modest bourgeois extraction, he was a state employee for twenty-five years. He…

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Telles, Gonçalo Ribeiro (1922–)

Gonçalo Ribeiro Telles (1922–), landscape architect and politician, was born in Lisbon, Portugal. In 1942 he attended the Instituto Superior de Agronomia da Universidade Técnica…

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The Dreyfus Affair (1894–1906)

The Dreyfus Affair was a French political controversy resulting from the unjust conviction and imprisonment of Captain Alfred Dreyfus (1859–1935), a Jewish artillery officer, for…

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Fascist Modernism

Fascist modernism is an artistic and literary movement emphasizing extreme nationalism, romantic anti-capitalism, and cultural renewal most closely associated with Fascist Italy, Vichy France, and…