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MacCarthy, Sir Desmond (1877–1952)

Desmond MacCarthy was a literary critic and journalist. Born in Plymouth and raised in Leeds, he was educated at Eton and then at Trinity College,…

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Krenek, Ernst (1900–1991)

Ernst Krenek, twentieth-century composer, was born in Vienna in 1900. Krenek composed over 240 works from 1917 until 1989, and his career includes works in…

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Gladstone, William Ewart (1809–1898)

William Gladstone was a British politician who served as prime minister four times during his career, his first premiership lasting from 1868 until 1874. He…

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Cocteau, Jean (1889–1963)

Jean Cocteau (Jean Maurice Eugène Clément Cocteau) was an influential, prolific, multi-talented French artist, writer, critic and filmmaker. He wrote poetry, plays, libretti for ballets,…

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Green, Henry (1905–1973)

Henry Green was the pen name of Henry Yorke, a well-regarded novelist working in the mid-twentieth century. Living in London, Yorke worked much of his…

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Huxley, Aldous (1894–1963)

Aldous Huxley is an English writer who is best known for his dystopian novel Brave New World (1932) and his disquisition on psychedelic substances, The…

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Physical Culture

The obsession with physical culture apparent throughout the tense and formative modernist movement extended well beyond sport, games, and purposive exercise through gymnastics, body building,…

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Orwell, George (1903–1950)

George Orwell is the pseudonym of Eric Arthur Blair. A writer, poet, journalist, broadcaster and critic, he is best known for his satirical novel Animal…