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Abela, Eduardo (1889–1965)

Cuban artist and cartoonist Eduardo Abela (born 1889 in San Antonio de los Baños; died 1965 in Havana) is considered an early progenitor of the…

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Vijayan, O.V. (1930–2005)

O.V. Vijayan was a writer, thinker, political observer, and cartoonist, born in Palakkad, Kerala and rose to prominence with his first novel, Khasakkinte Itihasam (The…

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Reinhardt, Ad (1913–1967)

Ad Reinhardt, the American painter and illustrator-cartoonist, was born in 1913 and raised in New York City. Reinhardt attended Columbia College, pursued graduate studies in…

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Lindsay, Norman Alfred Williams (1879–1969)

Norman Lindsay was one of Australia’s most prominent (and most notorious) artists in the early twentieth century. Throughout his extensive career he worked in a…

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Tucker, Albert (1914–1999)

Albert Tucker was a modern Australian painter, known best for his series of works depicting the horrors of wartime and harsh images of the Australian…

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Yahia Turki (1901–1969)

Yahia Turki was a Tunisian painter and pioneering modernist. In addition to Quranic education, Turki attended school at the Collège Sadiki, Lycée Carnot and Lycée…

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Di Cavalcanti, Emiliano (1897–1976)

The works of Emiliano Di Cavalcanti are at the center of modernism and national art in Brazil. Practically a self-taught artist, he attended the workshop…

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Okamoto, Tarō (1911–1996)

Tarō Okamoto [岡本太郎] (1911–1996) was one of Japan’s most visible artists during the post-World War II period. Born in Kawasaki, Kanagawa, his father was a…

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Liu, Na’o (1905–1940)

On 3 September 1940 Liu Na’ou (1905–40), the Taiwan-born, Japan-educated leader of the Shanghai Neo-Sensation School, was killed by an unknown gunman. He had just…