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Modern Belly Dance

References to dances of the East have appeared in Western sources at least since the beginning of the Christian era, yet what has become known…

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Reda, Mahmoud (1930--)

Mahmoud Reda, a pioneer in the modern staging of traditional and folk dance in the Arab world, began his movement career in gymnastics and other…

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Masābnī, Badī’ah

Badī’ah Masābnī was a professional actress, singer, and dancer from the Levant. She settled in Egypt in the 1920s and eventually opened a highly successful…

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Zacharia, Paul (1945--)

Paul Zacharia, a short story writer, novelist, and essayist, introduced the notion of counter-modernity to Malayalam literature in the late 1960s. He rejected the self-definition…

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St. Denis, Ruth (1878–1968)

Ruth St. Denis is considered one of the founders of modern dance, even though the genre had not been named as such during her most…

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Flamenco and Modernism

Though practitioners perceive Andalusia as the form’s spiritual and artistic home, flamenco is taught and performed in cities around the world. Modern flamenco evolved from…