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Modernist Music in Turkey (1923--)

Modernist music in Turkey owes its foundations to the late bourgeoisie revolution in 1923. The young republic, motivated by the building of a modern nation-state,…

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Hikmet, Nâzım (1902–1963)

Nâzım Hikmet (Ran) (b.January 15, 1902, Thessaloniki–d.June 3, 1963, Moscow) was a Turkish poet, playwright, novelist, and screenwriter who spent nearly fifteen years of his…

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Painting and Sculpture Museum

The Republic of Turkey houses its public collection of arts in the Western modality at three museums of painting and sculpture: the Istanbul Museum of…

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Galatasaray Exhibitions

Held in Istanbul between 1916 and 1951, the Galatasaray Exhibitions were the first annual exhibitions of art established in the Ottoman Empire, remaining an important…

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The 1914 Generation Artists

The artists historiographically grouped as the 1914 Generation transformed the Westernizing artistic impulse of the late Ottoman era into the modernizing impulse of the Republic…