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Ray, Satyajit (1921–1992)

Satyajit Ray was an Indian filmmaker, writer, music director, and illustrator, considered among the greatest auteur-directors of 20th-century cinema, along with the likes of Akira…

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Modernism in South Asia

In South Asia, a certain haziness regarding modernism and modernity derives not only from the manner in which they can be elided with each other,…

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The Santiniketan School

The Santiniketan School refers to a small group of artists who were active in Santiniketan, a small university town north of Calcutta, from 1921 to…

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Tendulkar, Vijay (1928–2008)

Vijay Tendulkar was an Indian playwright, screen and television writer, literary essayist, fiction writer, political journalist, and social commentator whose work in multiple genres represents…

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Renoir, Jean (1894–1979)

Jean Renoir was a French director and writer responsible for over 40 films from the silent period to 1970. He was born in Paris as…

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Art Cinema

Although the term circulates widely in popular and academic discourse, ‘art cinema’ is a notoriously difficult concept to define, conjuring a wide range of associations…