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Shlonsky, Abraham (1900–1973)

Abraham Shlonsky can be regarded as the main architect of modern Hebrew poetry. He was born in 1900 to a socialist revolutionary mother and a…

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Di Khalyastre (1922–1924)

Di Khalyastre (also Di Khaliastra, ‘The Gang’ in Yiddish) was a major Yiddish avant-garde movement and literary magazine active in Warsaw between 1922 and 1924.…

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Cubo-Futurism (Kubo-Futurizm) was a term used by the early 20th-century Russian avant-garde to describe literary and artistic works that represented a fusion of Cubist and…

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Matiushin, Mikhail Vasilevich (1861–1934)

The musician, painter, and theoretician Mikhail Matiushin is best known for his music for the Cubo-Futurist opera Pobeda nad Solntsem (Victory over the Sun), which…

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Burliuk, David (БУРЛЮК, ДАВИД) (1882–1967)

Deemed by many as the founding father of Russian Futurism, David Davidovich Burliuk was a painter, writer, poet, performance artist, journal editor, and publisher. Burliuk…