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Modernism in Canada and The United States

In Canada and the United States modernism emerges from transnational engagements with global intellectual movements while also grappling with local intellectual, cultural, and political developments…

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Papineau-Couture, Jean (1916–2000)

Grandson to Quebec’s art music scene pioneer Guillaume Couture (1851–1915), composer Jean Papineau-Couture (1916–2000) played a major role in the development of the province’s musical…

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Vivier, Claude (1948–1983)

Claude Vivier is perhaps the best known of all Quebec composers, both in Canada and abroad. In 1967, after being removed from the religious establishment…

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Patriquin, Donald (1938--)

Donald Patriquin is a composer known chiefly for contributing to choral repertoire in Canada. Born in Sherbrooke, Quebec, he studied composition as a teenager with…

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Tremblay, Gilles (1932--)

Composer and musical pedagogue Gilles Tremblay made significant contributions to the development of musical composition in Quebec in the second half of the twentieth century.…

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Serge Garant (1929--1986)

Composer, conductor, teacher, radio host, artistic director and music critic, Serge Garant has been one of the main figures in the Canadian contemporary music landscape.…

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Smith, (James Marshall) Arthur (1902-1980)

A.J.M. Smith was a poet, scholar, and anthologist of Canadian literature. As an editor of little magazines and anthologies, Smith was an important figure in…

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Montreal Modern Dance Company (1952–1955)

The Montreal Modern Dance Company (1952–1955) was an important though shortlived collaborative project between Lithuanian émigrés and dancers Yoné Kvietys (1924–2011) and Birouté Nagys (1920--).…

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Anglo-Modernism in Canada

Among the movements originating in Western Europe that instigated the modernist turn in anglophone Canadian literature, the most prominent were symbolism, impressionism, aestheticism, and decadence,…

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Page, P. K. (1916–2010)

Patricia Kathleen Page described herself as a traveller, and invoked this status through both her poetry (under P. K. Page), and her visual art (under…

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McLaren, Norman (1914–87)

Born in Scotland, Norman McLaren was a filmmaker and one of the most inventive creators of animation films. His career is closely connected to the…