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Rolland, Romain (1866–1944)

Writer, professor, musicologist, biographer, essayist, novelist, playwright, great letter writer and diarist, mystic in search of a pacified world and of a heroic heart, Romain…

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Crane, Harold Hart (1899–1932)

Generally considered one of a half-dozen major American modernist poets, Hart Crane produced during his short, nomadic life some of the twentieth century’s most impossibly…

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Casella, Alfredo (1883--1947)

Alfredo Casella was an Italian composer, the leading member of the generazione dell’ottanta who were all born in the 1880s and who turned away from…

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Zacharia, Paul (1945--)

Paul Zacharia, a short story writer, novelist, and essayist, introduced the notion of counter-modernity to Malayalam literature in the late 1960s. He rejected the self-definition…

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New Dance Group, New York City, 1932–2009

Established in 1932 by six young Jewish women in New York City, New Dance Group (NDG) trained leaders of the American modern dance. Founded with…

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Hofmannsthal, Hugo von (1874–1929)

Hugo von Hofmannsthal was a leading Austrian writer of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. His prolific works span a wide range of genres,…