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Sorel, Georges (1847–1922)

Georges Sorel was a French social thinker and political theorist. An engineer of modest bourgeois extraction, he was a state employee for twenty-five years. He…

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Anarchism is a term derived from the Greek anarkhia, meaning “contrary to authority” or ”without a ruler.“ Anarchism narrowly refers to a theory of society…

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Hulme, Thomas Ernest (1883–1917)

T. E. Hulme was an influential early 20th-century English poet and thinker. Credited by T. S. Eliot in 1924 as the “forerunner of a new…

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Péguy, Charles (1873–1914)

French writer of the beginning of the twentieth century Charles Péguy was a socialist, a dreyfusard, a republican, a nationalist, a catholic, a mystic, successively…

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Communism, Socialism, Marxism, Bolshevism

Communism is first and foremost the reality of long-dismantled or nearly defunct regimes in China, the (former) Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, Cuba and North Korea:…